Our History

During the summer of 2012, a group of beekeepers from the Fox Valley area met to explore the possibilities of forming a local beekeeper’s association. The group met several times to share ideas and create a vision for this new group. This group included the following individuals: Terry Breen, Ron Hilger, Tracy Joyner, Charles and Karen Lorence, Tom and Kim Luppino, Alen and Ingrid Nelson, Bryant and Hope Moore, Chris and Bernie Saad and Mark and Nancy Schmidt

A constitution and bylaws was drafted and on November 27, 2012 the group met at the Batavia Public library, and the following were nominated for and accepted positions as Officers (Board of Directors) of the club:

President:  Mark Schmidt, Batavia IL
Vice President:  Tom Luppino, St. Charles, IL
Treasurer:  Terry Breen, St. Charles,, IL
Secretary:  Kim Luppino, St. Charles, IL
Membership:  Hope Moore, St. Charles, IL

In addition the following volunteered to staff Committee positions:
Educational Program: Charles Lorence, Aurora, IL
                                         Chris Saad, Wayne, IL
                                        Tom Luppino, St Charles, IL

Publicity:   Karen Lorence, Aurora, IL

On January 17, 2013 the Board of Directors met. The Constitution and Bylaws were finalized, voted on and approved. Plans for the 1st meeting were finalized.

The first official FVBA meeting was held on January 29, 2013 at the Batavia Public Library. The meeting was attended by over 50 people interested in the club which far exceeded the capacity of the room. Chris Saad presented the educational program:
“Beehive Basics and Winter Protection”

Because of the large number in attendance at the January meeting, the BOD had to find a larger meeting room to accommodate the group. The February meeting was scheduled at the St. Charles Public library. However, a snow storm resulted in the closing of the library that evening.

In March, after securing a larger room at the Batavia Public Library, the second official meeting of the FVBA was held and the club has continued to meet their each month except for July and December when no meetings are scheduled.

In May The FVBA Logo was designed and created by member Tom Luppino and approved by the BOD. 

Club members Judy DeWitt, Mark Kirshtner and Mike Prescott volunteered for the Social Media Committee and created the FBVA Website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

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