Beekeepers Support/Mentorship

This year Felten Farms will be offering a free course to support beekeepers of all types towards a plentiful honey harvest(s).

The platform of the course will be a Whatsapp group. This will allow us to post weekly videos, pictures, and help others through questions they may have. 

Intended topics include:

  • Weekly checkup videos on hives and what to do/look for
  • How to grab and mark queens 
  • On-the-spot queen rearing 
  • Single vs double brood chamber management
  • Queen excluders or honey excluders
  • Swarm management
  • Tool techniques
  • Diagnosing and fixing colony issues
  • Honey, bee pollen, bee venom, beeswax, and propolis processing
  • Much more!

Call Derek at 331-228-9864 or email to join or inquire!

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