Past Speakers

April, 2016

 - Mike Prescott presented on the annual Organic Beekeeping conference in Oracle AZ. and talk about organic beekeeping methods that are being used successfully.

- Tom Luppino spoke about how to use the EPI pen for those that are allergic to bee venom.

- 19 year old Noah Fox spoke about his experiences as a young beekeeper. Noah owns his own bee business and has been beekeeping for the last 5 years.

March, 2016

We hosted a live webinar with beekeeping expert Jerry Hayes. Please bring your questions to ask Jerry.

Jerry Hayes is the honeybee health lead for Monsanto. He was previously apiary section chief for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, responsible for the regulatory health of 350,000 colonies. For 25 years, Hayes has written a monthly column in American Bee Journal called The Classroom; he wrote a book by the same name. He is a founding member of the Colony Collapse Working Group and a science advisory board member for Project Apis mellifera (PAm) and the Bee Informed Partnership. He has authored multiple research papers on understanding and preserving honeybee health.

February, 2016

Beekeeper training for beginner, intermediate and advanced level beekeepers. John Olander taught the beginners, Terry Breen taught the intermediate and Matt Schmitz taught the advanced class. Bee package raffle.  Tickets are $2.00 each and can be purchased at the meeting.

January, 2016

Chris Saad gave his technique to liquify honey when it is granulated. If you have any clever ideas, please bring them along!

November, 2015 

Board officer elections for 2016 term.
Beekeeper Kioko Mwangangi will speak on beekeeping in the African country of Kenya
Panel discussion about the winter management of honey bee colonies.

October, 2015

The October meeting of FVBA will feature Tim Ives, an Indiana beekeeper who has a unique method of keeping bees.
Tim stated beekeeping in 2001 and has increased to about 170 hives this year. A Union carpenter for 19 years, he has now focused his attention on keeping bees in the ‘three deep system’. He also is an advocate of no supplemental feeding.
Member Bill Scott has highly recommended him! Join us in October to find out his secrets.

Sept, 2015

Ed Bell will be presenting for our September meeting.  Topic: Marketing Your Honey!  He will have some good suggestions on how to make use of National Honey Month as a tool to promote sales. August, 2015 A panel of experts will be sharing their secrets on extracting honey with you!  Find out how they extract from the time they go out to the bee yard until they bottle the honey, ready for sale!  Mark Schmidt, Terry Breen, and John Olander are all seasoned beekeepers and have many nuggets of info to share.

July, 2015

no meeting in July

June, 2015

Presentation on the State Fair and how to prepare for it.

May, 2015

Brian Olson will be speaking on soap making with honey/beeswax.

April, 2015

Solar wax melter, beeswax refining and molding, products made from beeswax. Presented by Charles Lorence.  Link to meeting documents.

March, 2015

Chris Saad will be speaking on making nucs and splits.

February, 2015

Susan Schmitz will share with us a new and interesting look at pollinator friendly gardens and how our honey bee fits into the equation.Jim Belli will also take a few minutes to talk about the 2016 ISBA summer meeting.

January, 2015

Marty Szudarski, a 9 year veteran in beekeeping, will talk on the pros and cons of claiming beekeeping as a business and filing income tax to benefit YOU.