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We welcome new members! We meet during the last week of the month at the Batavia Library. Please do not call the library, they do not have any information on our club and/or meetings. See the contact us page for directions and contact information.



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June Speaker

June 26, 2017 meeting speaker is Garry Grube .  Gary is the Chicago Director of the Illinois Queen Initiative. He will be speaking about Mite Biting Bees and The Chicago Bee Project.

The Illinois Queen Initiative’s Mission Statement:  To produce queens and bees that are more disease and mite resistant and have greater survival and productivity characteristics under Illinois conditions. By producing them locally they are better adapted to each area in the state.  We seek to do this through educational programs, cooperative exchange of breeding stock, member exchange of ideas and methods of testing stock, cooperative purchase of supplies, and promotion of Illinois-produced queens and bees to our state’s beekeepers.

Honey Harvest Workshop 2017
Calling all beekeepers! Chuck Lorence is leading this workshop to demonstrate a hands-on honey harvesting workshop, Saturday August 19th.

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A big thank you to for their donation to our picnic raffle.  They have also generously offered a 10% discount to all of our members til the end of June.  Just use the discount code HumbleBee_for_Foxvalleybeekeepers during checkout.

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