Fox Valley Beekeepers Association

We welcome new members! We meet during the last week of the month at the Batavia Library. Please do not call the library, they do not have any information on our club and/or meetings. See the contact us page for directions and contact information.



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News and Events
Monday October 23rd meeting
Our speaker for the Monday, October 23rd meeting is Petra Ahnert, author of the book Beeswax Alchemy.  Petra will
give a talk on how to make soap with beeswax.

She will also be selling supplies for making your own soaps,  lotions and her book at the meeting.  If you
want to see what you can do with products from the hive, don't miss this informative talk.

Looking for beekeeping books
We are looking for donations of beekeeping books and DVDs for the club bee library.

Looking for property?
Someone in Elgin on Bowes Bend Drive would like to discuss hosting a members hives.  If interested please see this page.

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